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Plan November 11th, 2001

  1. To enlist and encourage the support of our elders to share their wisdom and take on neighborhood leadership roles.

  2. To re-establish an island wide grass roots communication system that is not dependent on modern technology. Neighbor to neighbor, neighborhood to neighborhood.

  3. To hold neighborhood gatherings on a regular basis with an emphasis on sharing support and community resources.

  4. To join with other neighborhoods to form larger community organizations such as existed in the ahupua'a system.

  5. To establish neighborhood sustainability centers within those greater neighborhood groups which include: a commercial kitchen; co-operative gardens; computer learning centers; small business incubator programs; support services and facilities; workshops; community meeting and gathering space.

  6. To participation as a neighborhood community in the restoration of your physical environment: overall cleanup of trash, abandoned appliances, automobiles and the removal of detrimental alien plants.

  7. To enlist community wide support to work in cooperation with the scientific community, environmental organizations, government agencies and military personnel to remove toxic waste as well as to cleanup and restore our watersheds. To insure a continuation of the fresh water we need to survive.

  8. To restore the islands food production diversity and self sufficiency. Includes gardens as well as fish, meat, poultry and dairy.

  9. To organize and hold Kauai Island wide Economic and Ecological Fairs which support the vision of Kauai Island as well as provide economic resources, educational and sustainable models for our people and our communities.

  10. To organize and sponsor Educational Programs for island residents to teach skills necessary for greater economic self sufficiency as well as environmental restoration and maintinence.

  11. To elect and support county government representatives who honor our land, our families and our right to life. To participate in the decision making process and to hold our elected representatives accountable to our community, who they are serving.